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Field management absolutely requires hard work and big effort. Management of all employees and all the on-going daily life under the constant pressure of providing productivity from the upper management is quite a substantial task. On top of that, high quality expectation creates more and more weight on the people especially who are in charge of delivering the results.

Management of the field via right tools with appropriate KPIs will convey your organization to success. The thing which should be born in mind is that the ultimate target should be to achieve a structure in the field where the shop floor people would be able to manage themselves autonomously. No Line Manager, No Executive Chiefs, no pushers. Only empowered employees, team leaders and supervisors. By setting right tools and KPIs you will be able to achieve this structure, which now seems a “will o’ the wisp”, though it is not actually.

We cannot say that there is a de facto tool-box approach for field management that is applicable to every single environment, since the requirement of different organizations varies. However there are tools which have proved themselves, and are ready to be used.

In order to create a proper self-managed shop floor phenomenon, basically we need six tools, which are stated as “*Field Management Blocks”; namely, Standardization, Communication, Layered Process Audit, Problem Solving, On-Time Reaction and On the Job Training. Additionally KPI Management and Employee Empowerment are the key components, which complete the whole picture.

Field Management, gotogemba  Management System

Field Management, gotogemba Management System

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